What are the conditions for benefiting from the child rate on train tickets?

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Train fares are typically structured as follows:

  • Adult (12 years old and older): Individuals aged twelve and above are charged the full adult fare.
  • Child (6-11 years old): Children aged 6 to 11 pay the child fare. On JR trains, limited express, and seat reservation fees are also discounted, while green car fees remain at full price.
  • Young Child (1-5 years old): Up to two young children, aged 1 to 5, can travel at no cost when accompanied by one adult (e.g., two adults can bring up to four young children for free). Additional young children incur charges at the regular child rate , and this fare applies even if a young child occupies a reserved seat.
  • Infant (less than 1 year old): Infants travel free of charge unless they occupy a reserved seat, in which case the child fare is applicable.

Furthermore, most rail passes typically provide a discount for children aged 6 to 11.

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