What are the cancellation terms for train tickets?

Customer Support Team
Customer Support Team


After your purchase, you can cancel your order 3 working days before departure, if you have not exchanged your QR code for the physical tickets at the machine in Japan stations. You will be charged 15% cancellation fees (Japan Experience will refund you 85% of your purchase) and your QR will be instantly deactivated.


Once you exchanged your QR code for the physical tickets, you can cancel your order at the JR stations. JR staff will refund you around 85-95% of the price (depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase), in cash Yen. After departure, your tickets will become non-refundable whether you exchanged your QR code or not for the physical tickets. You can however check with your travel insurance for a refund

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    Aja Conn

    I want to cancel my reservations I just purchased.  My cousin Purchased tickets for me in Japan.  What do I need to do and can you process the cancellation for me. I made reservations today. and pain on my VISA credit card.

    RN-202404-1215716  and RN-202404-1215724


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