Can I modify my train ticket order ?

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Japan Experience allows for one free modification request of time of departure (changes to destination or route or date of departure are not possible*). Modification is only possible under the following conditions:

  • If you have not exchanged your QR code for the physical tickets at the machine in Japan stations, Japan Experience can modify for free of charge your QR code up to 3 working days before departure date, and send a new QR code.
  • Once you exchange for the physical ticket, you can modify tickets at the JR Shinkansen stations until 10 minutes before initial departure time.
  • After departure time, if you miss your train, you can board one of the following departure trains on the same day, same route, on non-reserved seats with the same physical ticket. If you want to modify it a second time, you will need to cancel your QR code or tickets, under the above conditions. If you wish to change your date of departure, you can do it directly at the designated JR Ticket office, and you will pay the price gap in Yen. If you want to modify the route, you will need to cancel your order under the above conditions and make a new booking. You can also exchange your QR code to physical tickets and exchange the route at JR stations. You will pay the price gap in Yen.

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