Group-guided tours - Can I travel with kids?

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Children and babies are accepted. However, it should be noted that the program may be challenging for them as the average walking distance is 8 to 10km per day.
For ages 3 to 11, we offer a children's rate. In each accommodation, a standard adult bed will be provided for them, and a standard seat will be assigned to them in transportation.
For ages 0 to 2 inclusive, we offer a 'baby' rate. Please be aware as baby cots are not common in Japan, it is customary for babies to co-sleep with their parents. Therefore, we cannot guarantee a baby cot in every accommodation.
While it's not possible to customize the tour to specifically cater to children and babies, clients are welcome to omit certain segments of the tour for their convenience. The tour leader can also offer flexible options for the parents to rejoin with the group later.

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