Local Trains You Can Use in Tokyo With The JR Pass

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Tokyo's train network is extensive, efficient, and often considered one of the most complex yet well-organized systems in the world. For tourists visiting Tokyo, understanding the train network is crucial as it serves as the primary mode of transportation within the city and its surrounding areas.


While it may not make financial sense to buy a Japan Rail Pass just for a stay in Tokyo, you can make use of the pass while you are in the city. 


You can use the Japan Rail Pass for the following:


Yamanote Line:
This loop line runs in a circle and connects major stations in central Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Ueno, and Tokyo Station. It's a convenient line for accessing many popular tourist spots.


Chuo Line, Sobu Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line:
These are major lines operated by JR that connect central Tokyo with the western, eastern, and northern parts of the city.


You cannot use the Japan Rail Pass for the following lines in Tokyo:

- Metro lines

- Toei Subway lines

- Private lines (Keio Line, Odakyu Line, Seibu Line, Tokyu Line)

To learn more about the Yamanote Line and getting around Tokyo, please visit our article here.

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