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It can be difficult for visitors to travel through Japan with a lot of luggage while using public transport, so a local delivery service is a great option for travellers to send bulky luggage between hotels, or to and from the airport. 


Takkyubin (also called TA-Q-BIN or takuhaibin) is a popular and convenient service for sending parcels and luggage door to door throughout Japan for a reasonable price.


Delivery is usually by the next day, but you can specify the pick up and delivery dates if needed, so that you can travel light for a few days during certain parts of your trip.


Please note that we don’t currently offer a luggage forwarding service at Japan Experience, but feel free to contact the main supplier in Japan, Yamato Transport.


There are dedicated counters at the airports that offer this service, and reception staff at many hotels in Japan should also be able to provide assistance with arranging luggage forwarding for you as well.

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