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Customer Support Team
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Please be aware that all our order delivery times are only estimates, and not guaranteed. Some of our shipping methods require you to sign for the envelope upon delivery, which means that someone has to be at home to receive it.

I wasn’t home and missed the delivery:

If there has already been a delivery attempt that you missed because you were out, please follow the redelivery instructions on the card left by the carrier, so that they can either redeliver when you’re home, or leave your package in an agreed upon secure location on the next delivery attempt.


I won’t be at home when the delivery is attempted:


If a signature is required for the shipping method you have chosen for your order, but you don’t think you will be at home for the delivery, we suggest leaving a signed and dated handwritten note on your door authorizing the carrier to deliver the package to a third person or leave it in a safe place if you’re absent. The note will be scanned into the delivery management system by the delivery man.

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