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While rare, unfortunately delivery issues with our various carriers can sometimes occur.


If your order shows as delivered but you have not received it:


If we have tracking details from the carrier that show the order was delivered to you successfully, we cannot issue you an immediate replacement or refund. We understand that this can be very frustrating, but from our side it appears that the order was delivered as promised.


First please confirm that the address you provided when ordering was definitely correct. Then check with your family, housemates and/or neighbors, in case someone accepted the delivery on your behalf.


Also thoroughly check your mailbox, and any nearby safe place that a delivery may have been left. If you live in an apartment building, or had the order sent to your work address, check with the building manager or reception desk.


If the order still cannot be found, we have to consider it as lost.

If a JR Pass voucher is lost or stolen, our policy is to wait until it has expired (approximately 6 months after the voucher issue date), and then check with JR Company that the voucher has never been exchanged or used in Japan. Once this has been confirmed, we can then proceed to refund the lost voucher.


In the meantime you will have to purchase a new voucher.


If your order appears lost in transit:


If your order tracking information is pending or not updating, and you have been waiting for over two weeks for the delivery, please let us know. We will open an investigation with the carrier. If we receive confirmation from them that the order has indeed been lost, we can issue a refund.


As the investigation process can take some time, you may need to make a new purchase in the meantime in order to receive the products in time for your trip. Rest assured that you’ll receive a full refund for the original order once the investigation is complete.

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