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If you are travelling very soon, and it’s too late for you to place your JR Pass order with delivery to your home address, we can deliver it to your accommodation in Japan instead.


When ordering online, please select the shipping country as JAPAN.



Provide the exact name, address and telephone number of the hotel. 


For the delivery recipient please use the name of the person that your hotel reservation is under, so hotel staff will recognise it's a delivery for a guest. It's also recommended to provide your check-in date, as well as let your hotel know that you will be expecting a delivery, since the hotel staff will have to accept the shipment on your behalf.


Provide the full delivery address, including the building name and apartment number if applicable.


If your own name is not on the mailbox, please provide the resident’s name, as the carrier may not deliver if they do not recognise the recipient name as matching the registered resident. This is a common issue with delivery to AirBnB accommodation.


If you’re unsure how to enter a Japanese address on our order form, please contact us and we can assist you if needed, as entering an incorrect or incomplete address can lead to delivery issues and we will not accept any responsibility for any resulting delays or returns.


Please note that delivery in Japan takes 2-5 days, so please allow sufficient time for delivery.

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