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Customer Support Team
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We process refunds as soon as possible after the returned product is received at our office. However, at busy times it can take up to 3 weeks for our staff to process a refund.

Once the refund is processed, for card refunds please allow up to 21 business days to see the funds in your account, and for bank transfer refunds please allow up to 28 business days.


Be aware that certain banks will only show the total balance of a current account at the end of the month. The refund could also appear directly under the original payment you made for the order, so please check your account statement carefully.


If you are unable to see the refund, we recommend contacting your bank and ask them to investigate and, if possible, that they can locate the amount for you. 

If you are still unable to locate the refunded amount, please contact us through our online contact form.

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