My E-SIM is not working

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If the eSIM is not working for you, first please check that your phone is unlocked and compatible. You can check our website for a list of compatible devices HERE


If your phone is compatible, then please ensure you have activated the eSIM properly by following the instructions HERE.


Please DO NOT delete or remove the eSIM from your device, as it cannot be recovered once deleted.


Note that the eSIM won't work until after its activation in Japan, and that it cannot be activated between Tuesday 10pm until Wednesday morning 9am (Japan time) as the server is under maintenance.


Please also ensure that flight mode is OFF and your data roaming is turned ON.


If you have an Android device, you might also need to enter the information below into the eSIM's APN (Access Point Name) settings before it will work:


Name: ppsim


Username: pp@sim

Password: jpn

Verification Type: PAP or CHAP


You can call the provider helpline 24/7 for setup assistance in English if needed, on +81 (0)50-5835-2190.


If after all this you still have issues with your eSIM, please contact us with the eSIM number (ICCID) and we can check directly with our suppliers to find out what the issue may be.

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