My SIM Card does not work

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If your SIM isn’t working, first please check that your phone is unlocked and compatible with our providers. You can search for your device model here.


If your phone is compatible, then please ensure you have activated the SIM card properly by following the instructions provided


Note that the SIM won't be recognised by your phone until after its activation in Japan. The card also won't activate between Tuesday 10pm and Wednesday morning 9am (Japan time), as the server is under maintenance.


In the Mobile (Data) Network in the General Settings of your phone you should find an option called Access Point Names (APN); please make sure that you have entered the correct information:


For apple products:


Username: pp@sim

Password: jpn


For android products:

Name: ppsim


Username: pp@sim

Password: jpn

Authentication type: PAP or CHAP


You can check if the information has been correctly inputted into your device if after restarting your device the information has correctly saved itself when you go back onto the Access Point names (APN) settings. 


Please also ensure that your data roaming is ON, and airplane mode is OFF.


If your phone is dual-SIM and you have 2 SIMs inserted, you may have to remove the non-Japanese one in order for our SIM card to work.


If after all this you still have problems with the SIM, please contact us providing a screenshot of your Access Point names (APN) by email, and we’ll help you resolve any issues.

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