SIM Cards - How to fix connectivity problems

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If your SIM card is not working properly, please try the following steps.

Sometimes, just turning off the phone, and then turning it on again fixes the problem.

  1. What’s your phone model? Check if it’s in the list here.
    If the model doesn't appear in the list, it could be the reason why. Note that Google Pixel phones are unfortunately NOT compatible with our SIM cards.
  2. Is your phone unlocked?
    If so, you should contact your network provider and ask them to unlock the phone.
  3. Are you still in flight mode? Is the data roaming deactivated?
    If data roaming doesn’t show on the phone home screen, it could be because the phone is still in flight mode or the data roaming is not activated. Please turn ON data roaming and turn OFF flight mode.
  4. Can you see the SIM number under Setting > About Phone > Status > My Phone Number?
    If not, take the card out and wipe it with soft cloth and put it back in. Then check if you can see the SIM number.
  5. Did you follow our setup instructions?
    If not, make sure the APN is erased from the settings, and start again following the guide.
  6. In case of Android devices: after configuring the settings, the new APN needs to be selected.
    In case of an iOS device: erase the new APN profile, restart your device and try to set up the APN again.

If you continue to get an error message, please take a screenshot and report the error to us.

Is your SIM card still not working? Try calling the SIM assistance number: +81 (0) 50-5835-2190 (available in English 24/7)

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