Japan Rail Pass - I’ve booked my JR Pass too early

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Customer Support Team
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A JR Pass can only be ordered up to 3 months in advance, because the voucher we issue expires 90 days after the issue date.


If your travel plans have changed and you’ve placed your order too early, meaning your JR pass voucher will expire before your travel date, don't worry, you can receive a full refund by following the steps below:

  1. Place a new order on our website within the correct time frame (up to 90 days before your trip)
  2. Return the original voucher(s) to any of our offices
  3. Receive a 100% refund of the returned voucher(s)

Once the original Japan Rail Pass vouchers have been received and a new order has been placed, a full refund will be made to your card, otherwise processing fees will apply

We recommend using a tracked postal service when returning the Japan Rail Pass vouchers, to be sure of safe delivery.

You don't need to return the vouchers to us right away. This can be done closer to your travel date if needed, but in order to receive a refund, note that any unused voucher needs to be returned within one year of purchase. 


Please be aware that refunds can take up to 28 working days to process.

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