Japan Rail Pass - The travel date is not the JRP start date

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When you place your order for a Japan Rail Pass, we ask for your travel date. This date allows us to confirm that you aren’t ordering too early, and that we can deliver it to you in time for your trip. This date is not the activation date of your JR Pass.


In order to activate your Japan Rail Pass, you will have to exchange your voucher at a JR exchange office. These offices can be found at the airport or in the main train stations.


At the office, fill out the form you are given and show the stamp in your passport that you were given upon entry to Japan. When exchanging your voucher you will be asked to decide on the date you want to start using your pass.


The date you choose has to be within 30 days of the exchange date. Once it is validated, you will be able to use your pass starting on the date you have chosen for the consecutive number of days for which your pass is valid.

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