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The name on a JR Pass voucher is always printed the same way it was entered by the customer during the booking process, and there is no manual input on our side.


The first name and last name in your passport must match the name on your voucher. Middle names are optional, and not required. There is a limit of 55 characters (including spaces), and special characters cannot be entered.


We generally suggest that you enter your name with the order LAST NAME then FIRST NAME, as this is the Japanese way of writing names, however the other way around will also be accepted with no problems.


If you misspell your name:


JR staff will still exchange vouchers with a maximum of 3 incorrect letters in the first name and 2 in the last name. Please don't unnecessarily return vouchers that are valid for exchange.


But if you do need your voucher corrected, please place a new order on our website for a voucher with the correct name. Return the misspelt voucher to us (preferably by tracked mail) for a full refund. 


Please include a short explanatory note letting us know your old and new order numbers. Be aware that the refund process can take up to 28 days.

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