Japan Rail Pass - I’ve forgotten my voucher / left it at home

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If you have forgotten your JR Pass voucher there isn't much you can do, as JR staff will not give you the Japan Rail Pass if you don't have the original voucher with you. Just the order confirmation, or a photo or copy of the voucher is not sufficient. This is not a digital voucher you need to present the original voucher in exchange for the actual tickets.


As the JR Pass is no longer being sold at JR ticket counters in Japan, you will need to buy a new JR Pass online.


Your original JR Pass voucher is refundable for up to one year after purchase, so please mail it back to one of our offices for a refund once you have returned from Japan. There is a 15% cancellation fee that will be held from your refund in accordance with our terms and conditions, unless you have bought a new JR Pass with us and can provide the order number as proof of the purchase, please note that the transactions need to happen at the same time, if you are returning the Japan Rail Pass, a full refund will only be issued if you can provide us with your new order number at the same time as the refund.

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