What is the Japan Rail Pass Care Service?

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Customer Support Team
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Anyone purchasing a Japan Rail Pass ticket on our websites www.japan-experience.com or www.japan-rail-pass.com can subscribe to our JRP Care service.


With JRP Care, you can get:


  • A full refund of your JRP voucher: you will receive a full refund of your JRP voucher if it is returned unused within 365 days from the purchase (excluding shipping and JRP Care fees)
  • Unlimited access to a phone helpline in Japan: You will receive unlimited access to our helpline in Japan for any questions you might have regarding your train trips. This service is available in English between 8am to 10pm (JST) daily and can be used as long as your Japan Rail Pass is valid.

When you buy your Japan Rail Pass, the JRP Care service will be automatically added as an option. After payment you’ll receive an email containing your subscriber number, the helpline number (a Japanese phone number), a dedicated email address, and the terms of use. Please remember to use the JRP Care email address provided when contacting us, so that we can assist you as quickly as possible.


Our JRP Care advisors can also answer questions by email before you arrive in Japan. 


To use the service while in Japan, you just need to call the telephone number provided (charged at the local rate, can be reached via IP phone services or phone apps), then state your subscriber number, and we will do our very best to assist.


Once purchased, JRP Care is non-refundable, it also cannot be added after the purchase has been made.

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