Sunrise Seto/Izumo overnight train

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The JR Sunrise Seto/Izumo is the last remaining overnight train in Japan.


The Sunrise Seto runs from Tokyo to Takamatsu, while the Sunrise Izumo runs from Tokyo to Izumo-shi.

They operate as one train as far as Okayama, then they split off and the Sunrise Izumo heads to Izumo, while the Sunrise Seto continues on to Takamatsu.


The joint train departs Tokyo at 22:00, arriving in Okayama the next morning at 06:27. The Sunrise Seto arrives in Takamatsu at 07:27, while the Sunrise Izumo arrives at Izumo-shi station at 09:58.


Unfortunately we cannot assist with bookings, and please be aware that it can be difficult to book this train - it's not possible to book online or by phone if you have a JR Pass, you will have to go to a JR Ticket Office in person. Depending on when you arrive in Japan, it may be too close to the date you want to take this train to be able to make a reservation.


It is a very popular train, so it can be difficult to get a reservation as it gets booked very quickly. Tickets go on sale in Japan one month before the travel date.


With a Japan Rail Pass your only chance is to go to a JR Ticket Office the day you arrive in Japan to immediately try to book this train, if possible. We recommend having a backup travel plan in case there are no spaces available.


With the JR Pass you won't have to pay the basic travel fare, but you will have to pay any extra fees for private accommodation and services.


Only the "nobi nobi" seats are fully covered by the JR Pass. These are berths that you can lie down in, but the carriages are open and shared; you don't have any privacy except a curtain. A limited number of private rooms are also available at an extra cost.


Read more about this train in our article HERE.

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