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Are you experiencing difficulty placing an order on our platform due to issues with payment? The most frequent reason for this is a payment failure linked to 3D Secure.


When you click on "Validate and pay" at the checkout stage : 

- Your bank will instantly send you a one-time payment confirmation code by text message


- You will have to confirm the payment directly on your banking app


This security step is required for many online purchases these days, to help prevent fraud and ensure that your bank knows that you are the one who initiated the payment.


How to resolve a payment failure or refusal:


If this happens to you but you did not receive any code or prompt to confirm the payment via app, you will need to contact your bank, as it means that you have not subscribed to this service or that it has not been activated. Restart your transaction and wait for your bank to validate it. Your online transaction is only finalised when you reach the payment confirmation page.


Don't worry - while you may see the funds as having been taken from your account, any failed transaction will disappear from your account in a few days and your account balance will be updated.

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