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Customer Support Team
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If when you try to make a payment on our website the page is blank, blocked, or you have encountered one of the following error messages when making a payment on our platform:

"An error has occurred"

"The site is inaccessible”

"Error 500”


This means that the connection with your bank has been interrupted. Your payment has therefore not been finalised and validated.


The transaction may show on your account as being "in progress".


To solve this issue, please try the following:

  • Make sure that you have definitely not received any order confirmation email from Japan Experience (please check your junk mail folder);
  • Contact your bank to make sure that the payment has not been validated;
  • Then, repeat your transaction from a laptop;
  • Use an alternative internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox);
  • If the problem persists, please contact us using our contact form.

Don't worry, any incomplete transaction displayed will disappear from your account in a few days and your account balance will then be updated.

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