Pocket Wifi - Extend or reschedule rental dates

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Customer Support Team
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After making a booking it’s possible to change your pocket wifi rental dates, or extend a rental if you decide to prolong your trip, but please note that changes to the start date of a rental can only be applied if the pocket wifi has not yet been shipped to the pickup point.


We can reschedule the rental dates of your pocket wifi. Please confirm the new rental dates with us by phone or email, and if necessary, provide an updated shipping address and recipient name if these have also changed.


If the new rental is longer than the original booking, we will charge you the price difference through a payment link that you’ll receive by email.



It’s possible to extend your pocket wifi rental. Let us know the new desired end date of your rental, and we’ll confirm the extra amount to be paid. You will be able to make the payment through a payment link that you’ll receive by email, and then we’ll arrange the extension with our suppliers for you.

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