Japan Rail Pass - Upgrade/Change length of the Japan Rail Pass

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Once a JR Pass voucher is issued and shipped, it cannot be amended or upgraded.


If you would like to change the length or type of your JR Pass, you will need to place a new order on our website and send back your unwanted voucher to us for a refund.


Unfortunately it’s not possible to extend the validity period of a JR Pass. Once purchased, a voucher must be exchanged at a JR ticket office within 90 days of the purchase date. If you’re travelling for a longer period of time, we would recommend ordering multiple passes, you can then exchange and use them one after another.


There is usually a 15% cancellation fee applied to a refund (unless you purchased our JRP Care service), however if you provide a new order number to us as proof of re-purchase, we will waive this fee and issue a full refund. In that case, please either notify us of your new order number by email (before sending the unwanted voucher back to us) or in writing, in a note enclosed along with the returned voucher.


Please send the unwanted JR Pass voucher (not a copy) to one of our offices.


We recommend you use a tracked postal service to ensure safe delivery. After receiving the JR pass voucher(s), we will refund you back to the credit card that was used to place the initial order. Please note that if you choose to return the voucher via unsecured mail and it does get lost in the post, we can only offer a refund 4 months after the purchase date, once the voucher has expired and the supplier confirms that it has not been used.


You don't need to send the tracking number to us, the refund should be processed within 2/3 weeks of receipt, depending on the volume.

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