What are the rules to follow when using the house?

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  • Shoes: The Japanese take their shoes off in the entrance area (genkan), where they swap shoes for slippers. (The special slippers for the toilets should not be used in other parts of the house.)

  • Selective waste sorting: The Japanese accord great importance to the selective sorting of waste. Japan Experience expects you to live in harmony with your neighbours by respecting the community's environmental standards. Good selective sorting is the first mark of respect for your neighbours.

  • Noise: Japanese houses are quite badly insulated from noise. You should never forget this when adjusting the sound of the radio…

  • Staircases: The (small) houses which mainly constitute our offer all have extremely steep stairs which do not conform with European standards or customs. To prevent falling the consequences of which may be serious, we have generally installed a hand-rail on both sides of the staircase intended to prevent falls. We urge holidaymakers not to wear socks when going up or down stairs, but to have bare feet, which generally offer better protection from slipping.

  • All houses are non-smoking. Even on the balcony, or in front of the entrance.

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