How To Dispose of Garbage in Japan

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You will not see many bins out in the streets in Japan! The Japanese believe that each person is responsible for their own trash, so we recommend doing as they do, and always keeping a spare plastic bag with you to store any rubbish until you find a place where you can get rid of any of your unwanted items. Typically train, metro stations and kombini stores all have bins but remember to make a purchase before hand as they are not operating a public service


Recycling is taken very seriously in Japan, so it is important to be aware of the way they recycle various different types of trash, it depends on the city but it’s generally divided into three: PET plastic bottles and cans, other types of plastics, and combustibles, which encompasses everything else. Sometimes milk/juice cartons and paper/cardboard are also separated. Please follow the local recycling rules as closely as you can.

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