Local Trains You Can Use in Kyoto With The JR Pass

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Not as extensive as the train networks in Tokyo or Osaka, there are some train lines that can be used with your JR Pass in Kyoto.


While it wouldn’t make financial sense to buy a Japan Rail Pass just for a stay in Kyoto, you can certainly make use of the Pass while you’re in the city. 


JR Nara Line: Provides access to Tofukuji temple, Fushimi Inari shrine, Uji (famous for its green tea) and of course Nara.


JR Sagano Line: Provides access to Nijo castle and Arashiyama (via Saga-Arashiyama station)


You cannot use the Japan Rail Pass for the following lines in Kyoto:


Kyoto Metro system: this has two lines: the Karasuma Line which runs north to south, and the Tozai Line which runs east to west. The two lines connect at Karasuma Oike Station. The Kyoto subway system is quite limited but can be used together with the buses and other railway networks to access most areas of the city.

Local buses: Not valid with your JR Pass, but the most useful transport option for visiting famous temples and shrines such as Kinkakuji, Ryoanji and Ginkakuji. While you can use your IC card on the bus, a great value One Day Bus Pass offering unlimited bus rides is available for just 700 yen, which may work out as cheaper depending on how much you travel.

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