Japan Rail Pass - What do I do if I have lost my voucher or exchange voucher?

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Customer Support Team
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Please keep your JR Pass voucher in a safe place once you have received it.


Lost Voucher

If your voucher gets lost or is stolen you will need to buy a new one, as a Japan Rail Pass voucher cannot be reissued. Please also be aware that we cannot refund an exchanged JR Pass.


If you have lost your voucher, please let us know as soon as possible. Our policy is to cancel it on our system, wait until 4 months after the voucher's issue date, and then check with Japan Rail Company that the voucher has never been used. Once this is confirmed, we can then proceed to refund the lost voucher.


Please note that there is a 15% cancellation fee that will be held from your refund unless you buy a new JR Pass with us within 3 months of your first purchase. In that case, please provide us with your new order number to waive the cancellation fees.


Lost Exchanged Voucher

Unfortunately if your exchanged JR Pass is lost or stolen, it cannot be replaced or refunded. You will need to purchase a new JR Pass voucher for exchange. If you have purchased travel insurance we can provide you with an invoice to issue a claim with your travel insurance company

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