How long do I need to get my tourist visa?

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All in all, it should take around 7 working days between the paiement of the tour and your visa issue.
There are several steps leading to the delivery of your visa:

After the payment, you will have to give a copy of your passport to Japan Experience, as well as the address of your first hotel and your flight number (if both not provided by Japan experience)
Then Japan Experience will issue by mail the Uketsuke Zumisho (受付済書), which is the document you will need to present to the Japan embassy/consulate
Go to the embassy or the consulate to get your visa done (please consult the site of your embassy/consulate : usually on the mornings, without prior appointment). Make sure to bring the following documents :

the authorization issued by Japan Experience
the completed visa application form you need to fill in. You can find the application form here. 
your passport
an ID picture
23€ in cash

      4. Come back to the embassy 3 to 5 business days later to retrieve your passport where the visa has been attached

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