Can we organise a tour with more people?

Reservations Team
Reservations Team
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We can of course organise a tour dedicated to your group (families, friends, colleagues, members of an association), using all or a part of an itinerary on our site.
The price of accommodation and transport does not unfortunately decrease (our Japanese suppliers can offer discounted rates only on groups of 20 or more) so unfortunately we will not be able to offer a significant reduction unless you reach this level of participants. 
The advantages are numerous and we can take a group from 4 to 20 people (20 being the maximum number we can offer with your assistant), you will enjoy the support of your dedicated assitant who will travel with you for the whole tour but please note that 8 people is the maximum we can take for our group tours by minibus.

Do not hesitate to contact us to organise your tour.

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