Do I need a visa? Do I need vaccinations?

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As of October 11, 2022, Japan will open its borders to all Europeans (including the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland) and North Americans (Canada and the United States) without requiring a visa.
Only non-triply vaccinated travelers need a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to departure.
Do I still need a visa to travel to Japan as a tourist?
No, no visa is required for blue countries including all European countries (European Union, United Kingdom and Switzerland included) and North American countries (Canada and United States). List of blue countries: If you have another nationality, please contact the Japanese embassy in your country of residence to obtain this visa.
Do I still need a PCR or antigen test to go to Japan?
No, if you are triple vaccinated with the vaccines approved by Japan (Pfizer, Moderna, ...exhaustive list here : there is no need for any test.
I do not have 3 doses of vaccine or I am not vaccinated against COVID, can I enter Japan?
Proof of Covid vaccines is no longer required for travelers from "blue" countries. Therefore, unvaccinated travelers can enter Japan if they live in blue countries. But a negative PCR test is required at embarkation for travelers who are not vaccinated 3 times.
Is there still a quarantine upon arrival in Japan?
Quarantine and testing on arrival have been eliminated for travelers from blue countries.
Is insurance mandatory?
No, but it is recommended. Japan Experience, as an option of its tours, provides appropriate travel insurance solutions.
What anti-covid measures are still in place in Japan?
The mask must be worn indoors (except in exceptional cases) and in transportation.
What applications should I download before entering Japan?
For tracking the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic, the Japanese government recommends downloading several applications:
MySOS, the health and location tracking app (it will be used to confirm your location, health status and accommodation).
COCOA, the COVID-19 contact confirmation app (this will be used to notify you of possible contact with a COVID-19 positive person).
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