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The Japan Rail Pass is accessible to any traveler, with a foreign passport, traveling to Japan with a temporary visitor* visa of 90 days or less: tourist, business trip, family visit...
Therefore, people who travel to Japan for more than 90 days (working holiday, military, diplomatic, cultural, research, working visa, etc.) are not eligible.
*Temporary visitor does not mean "short term stay" according to the Japanese Immigration Law. In order to use a JR Pass, you must have a stamp with the temporary-visit visa on your passeport.
Since 1st June 2017, Japanese nationals can once again purchase and use the Japan Rail Pass.
Be aware, however, that the conditions are very restrictive.
You must obtain and fill in one of the following documents:
1 - An "Overseas Residential Registration" from the Japanese Embassy of your place of residence
2 - A "Certificate of Overseas Residence" from the Japanese Embassy of your place of residence
3 – For the United States, Brazil and Canada, a permanent residency card (the length of residence must be at least 10 years on the day you purchase the JR Pass).
You must present one of these three documents when you exchange the Voucher in Japan.
Please note that you must have those documents on you before buying your Japan Rail Pass.
Be aware that if you do not satisfy these conditions, Japan Experience cannot be held responsible for the non-validity and non-exchange of your Japan Rail Pass on Japanese soil.The conditions for cancellation of your Pass are those applied by default.

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