How long should I put aside for a trip to Japan?

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You would have to spend a minimum of 63 days in Japan to visit the main sights of the country in a relaxed fasion (that is the sights that are rated as 2 or 3 star in the Michelin guide). There is thus no real ideal length of trip, just as long as you can stay!
Tokyo and Kyoto are of course the 2 cities that are not to be missed: you need to set aside a minimum of 5 nights for Tokyo and the Kanto region and then 7 nights for the Kyoto and Kansai region (including the ancient capital city of Nara). If you then add on the 2 days that you require for return transport to and from your country of origin then you would need a total trip length of 14 days.
You can of course extend the trip to see other regions (the Japanese Alps, Kyushu, Shikoku, Hokkaido, etc.).

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